Washington Post Review calls Sharon Isbin “arguably today’s most prolific guitarist”. See her at Miami Hamilton on October 24th at 7:30 p.m

Sharon Isbin is arguably today’s most famous active guitarist, supremely competent and much honored and the subject of a recent documentary, “Sharon Isbin: Troubadour.” She offers an intense, elastic sound, resilient and nuanced and controlled and brought across in all its detail with the help of a microphone (necessary in orchestral performances with this instrument). She made a small odyssey out of Joaquin Rodrigo’s familiar “Concierto de Aranjuez,” which she last played with the NSO in 1997. Morlot damped down the ensemble but kept it springily responsive, making for some lovely juxtapositions in, for example, the second movement, when, after a long, introverted and focused solo, the orchestra surged gently in to support the crystalline plucks of finger on string. Isbin played an even more virtuosic encore, a waltz (Op. 8, No. 4) by the Paraguayan composer Agustín Barrios Mangore.

Tickets are still available at 513 529-3200 or 513 727-3412. Tickets will be available at the door the evening of her performance on October 24. Cash or check only!!

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